A short affordable  trip to get your family out on the water. 


We’re just going out to putt around. Drop anchor. Swim on Kiwanis Beach. Snorkel remnants of past port town. We provide finger snacks and drinks along the way. Guests are welcome to bring additional food and drinks. 

Time: 2 hours

Per Adult: $40

Children under 14: $20


Take a private boat trip to Mackinac Island and enjoy Disney Land for adults - or some would say- seriously fun bar-hopping. 

Trip  Details:

Island Run: Relive one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences on Mackinac Island. We start our journey on the mainland in St. Ignace prepping the ship for a quick dock party. We depart near sunset and watch it blister away into a beautiful blue Lake Michigan with the Mackinac Bridge in the foreground. 

        We dock on the island and hit the ground running like an British Invasion. Our favorite night always begins in the park at the statue with a cooler.. Then we take a short walk out to the finest outdoor island bar imaginable- course. 

        We can walk back to the city and begin the blissful ride through the historic watering holes of Mackinac Island, where live music belts out through swinging screen doors. We hop from one ecstatic bar to another, stopping for photos and memorabilia. 

        At the conclusion of the night, we meet back at the boat for a couple night toppers. We can meet your expectations for return. If weather permits, we can cross back to the mainland at the close of bars. Or we can stay in the marina or on anchor. 


Price per Person: $99.50

Private Group: $349.99


A special trip designed to explore the Les Cheneax and St. Martin Island chain. 


Price per Person: $129

Private Cruise: $499

*Minimum of 4 guests


Meet at the dock for early morning coffee and muffins. Then we load up and go! We set sail along the beaches of Evergreen Shores and off to Big and Small St. Martin. We may pull into Hessel and have a drink at the famous Islander Bar. Or we can pull into Mackinac Island for a run runner at the Pink Pony. We can finish our trip by cruising near the Mackinac Bridge, maybe catching a sunset.

Saint Helena Lighthouse Tour

Take a ½ day journey to the once inhabited Saint Helena where an old lighthouse and fish house still stand. 

Price: $149 per person

Private Party: $700

TRIP DETAILS: We meet at the dock downtown St. Ignace and cast off for the uninhabited Lake Michigan island of Saint Helena. We will pass beneath the Mackinac Bridge on our way. Our trip will pass by the Boulevard homes, Point La Barbe, Gros Cap and on the Lower Peninsula side. We’ll mostly likely pass a freighter or two! We’ll arrive at the island and our guests are free to explore the old vacated city. We can tour the old salt sheds where 19th century fisherman stored their fish before refrigeration was around. We’ll finish up our trip by sailing back along the Upper or Lower Peninsula shores.

Create-Your- Own Trip*

 Up to 4 guests: $105/hour

5-6 guests: $125/hour

*Minimum 2 hours 


Sometimes our guests have a specific route or experience they desire. Perhaps you want to propose to your girlfriend or a more somber event like spreading a loved one’s ashes. Take photography. Search for sunken treasure. Bachelorette parties. 


Our most romantic and favorite cruise! Watching the sunset on Lake Michigan with some good tunes, friends, and drinks.

Per Person: $35

Private Trip: $175

Trip Details:

We depárt our St. Ignace dock and take a nice easy ride past downtown St. Ignace to the shelter of Graham Point and watch the sunset burn its way into Lake Michigan. Relax on our bow seats while the lights of the  Mackinac Bridgeshine before your eyes. 


Missed the last boat to Mackinac Island? Need to get off super early to catch a flight out down state? We got you covered.

Per Person: $150

Each additional person: $50*

*Minimum of 2 persons


Whether it´s a late night ferry run to Mackinac Island or a family adventure on Lake Michigan, our friendly staff is their to give you the time of your life while on vacation. We have a vast array of trips available. Or make-your-own adventure. Call 906.430.0123 to book. 



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